Fill, Sand, Paint

I'd read a lot about this stage. It seems nobody likes filling fibreglass in preparation to paint it. So far I have to say I agree!! I've never been one that likes having to do a task over and over and this is no exception.

Starting to sand off the first coat of primer / filler. The first coat is quite thick to help fill the half million or so pin holes in the fibreglass. The cloth used is 1.5oz and is only to seal the wood. I had made the mistake of not using a squeegee initially. BIG mistake. Apart from having to sand off more epoxy, it leaves little air bubbles that you have to fill later with micro. Fortunately I picked it up early before doing it everywhere.

The belly section... I haven't attacked that with the sanding block yet.
The belly section... I haven't attacked that with the sanding block yet.

Turning the front section over.

It was a lot bigger than I remembered, stil, I suppose it has to fit my rear in it !!



What can I say.


25 March 2001


Now on to the exciting stuff.

After a year of flying the Falco I took it to another paint shop.
This is Delwyn, One of the girls painting my Falco. She is known for doing a great job and comes highly regarded. She certainly has great attention to detail and being a pilot herself, is interested in the work.

28 Jan 2005


Another angle of a very grey Falco. The finish Delwyn and Sheree are getting on it is very pleasing.

28 Jan 2005

The day after the paint went on the main part. Unfortunately this place normally paints choppers so it wouldn't fit in the paint booth. As a result it had a few dust spots here and there but nothing that I can't get out when it has hardened up a bit. Overall quite nice considering.
05 Feb 2005

Another Angle of the same. Some weird spots on the lens there. Vicki was playing with the hangar cat. The colour is called Imola Yellow. It is very slightly orange. Next time you see an Audi S4 that is yellow, chances are that this is the colour. (There is a more pale yellow on Audi also)

05 Feb 2005


Nearly there. No stripes yet.. got messed around by the first attempt. He's a nice guy but too many commitments with a young baby etc. So I'm moving on.
I need an annual inspection so there are a few fairings etc off.

01 March 05


A few weeks later Vicki & I started putting on the design. It's cut in Vinyl. It wasn't the easiest to put on and I needed to get some re-cut but I like the result. I haven't done the rudder yet since I need to get a bit more vinyl cut.
19 March 05

This is the logo I have put on the tail.

The intention was a tongue in cheek extrapolation of a Ferrari symbol.
Obviously the Horse has been swapped for a Hawk (Falco!) and along with the Italian flag stripes along the top. I've added the Southern Cross with red stars in exact proportion to the New Zealand flag.

I say the S.F. doesn't mean Scuderia Ferrari but stands for Stelio Frati !

I like it.. I hope it doesn't offend anyone at Ferrari. After all, the Falco is known as the Ferrari of the skies and you couldn't get a plane any more Italian.