People Falcoing 3

Falco flying

It had been a busy few days when I got a surprise call from a fellow Falco builder from the other side of the world who just happened to be in Auckland for one day only. Fortunately the weather played ball and although brief, I managed to get to meet and fly with Angus Buchanan.

I never tire of meeting fellow builders.


6 July 2013


New Zealand Falco

I needed someone to help me out with flying my Falco as I am too busy at present to fly it as much as I should, so since Marty Moncrief had shown some interest in flying it and he is a keen and competant light aircraft pilot as well as flying the heavy metal (or in his case, plastic - 787 pilot) I thought I'd spread the fun and check him out.

Here he is going for a spin.


4th April 2014

While I was away at the Falco Fly-in in Santa Fe, Darryn took Rafe for a fly in the Falco in what looks to be a gorgeous winter's day.

Clearly the post-op meds are still working for Rafe in this picture.

If anyone knows how to reattach his lower half from about his naval down, Derwood has it in the boot of his car. Rafe being six foot forty two it was the only way they could get the lanky bugger in.

17 June 2015