Falco F8.L Airplane

Back in 1994 I had a strange moment.


I decided I needed to build an aeroplane and ever since, life hasn't been the same. Television just doesn't do it for me any more and so a lot of my spare time went into the creation of what you are about to see.... The construction of Falco #1230 in Auckland, New Zealand. I don't really know what kicked me off, but if you saw an aeroplane that looked like this wouldn't you want one ??


Falco F8.L Airplane
The Finished Falco.
Falco F8.L Airplane
The current panel with Garmin G3X.
Falco F8.L Airplane seats
The interior.

9 1/2 years after starting.. the Certificate of airworthiness.


Quite a buzz! 

Visit the Falco Aircraft Association. The club for all Falco enthusiasts

Falco aerobatics

Grant out on a cross country... got the map upside down again.


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Falco F8L airplane in flight

Chris and I out for a fly 9th May 2005. What a beautiful day - and a heap of fun!!



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