People Falcoing Too

Page one of my Falco Passengers is now a bit big so here is my next list of people enjoying Frati's machine.

Capt C (Curry) Muncher
Capt C (Curry) Muncher

Early January I heard from Barry that he was back in the country after flying Airbuses for Kingfisher airlines. He said he and Starn were keen to come and have a look at the Falco. Well I don't need any excuse to show it off so here is Barry having a look over it prior to coming for a fly. He managed to scrounge a ride in Harvey's Dyn-Aero too so I think he had a good day !  6 Jan 2009

Here is Starn setting up. 
6 Jan 2009


Lara strapping in.
Lara strapping in.

When you think about building a plane you really need your whole family on board with the project so Starn brought his family out for look.

Looking at the Falco is OK I guess but you really need to experience the fun first hand. Of course taking good looking girls for a fly is always such a chore.

6 Jan 2009


Becky didn't really want to go but she got talked into it. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it.

6 Jan 2009


The 5th flight for the Day belonged to Starn's wife Judy.  It was important I got this one right otherwise my next route check with Starn was toast !.

Once I told her I wasn't sending her solo just yet I think she enjoyed it.


So did I .. it was a great day.. nice people, great flying.

6 Jan 2009


Holy $#@%& its Pricey !!
Holy $#@%& its Pricey !!

After about 3 months trying to get him airbourne Pricey turns up..waddaya know, the plane played up!! Not giving up, we replaced 2 spark plugs and finally managed to fold him in and get him up in the Falco. A quick trip down the coast to Raglan for a cup of coffee and back.. we had a good time. Just like the bus eh Pricey?

I was going to use this photo for Pricey's post but decided against it !.

20th March 2009


Vicki and I went down to Whakatane for the weekend for Shawn's wedding. It was great to catch up with her family again.

Had the opportunity to take Mark for a quick fly before we came home.. went for a look over Neil's house then back to the field.. was a great day for it.

Leanne even told us of an alternative use for the axe ! Surprised

22nd March 2009


Geoff Vader - Supreme Comander
Geoff Vader - Supreme Comander

Here's Derwood taking Warren (my boss) for a fly.

From all reports, Derwood tried to kill him by flying into bad weather and wouldn't let him have a go.. miserable buggar.



Scott clearly happy he kept his coffee down. What a gorgeous day!.. mid winter high's are so smooooooth.

It was something different for Scott from making all those coffees. Check out his cafe in Kumeu.. its called Extract.. its very cool.

27 Jul 2009


Took Maureen for a quick spin around the patch.. was another lovely day.. She stole all my peppermints!

16 Jan 2010


David came to visit from the USA so we went for a bit of a fly to get something to eat (as you do).

You can see where we went here and here.

11 March 2011


Took Chris for a short ride.

Made a change from his microlight. 2011

Greg and I went for a quick burn around Auckland. Hopefully he will pull his finger out and finish his 185 now !

11 November 2011



Alexander came for a fly with me today. I think he liked the positive and negative G but between that and the bumps from the thermals we nearly got to experience his lunch all over again.

I'm sure he's keen for a re-match though.

22 Dec 2011




I never knew these Falcos were so big !!



Carlos Kenny , future Falconaught.


4th Feb 2012

I met David Wright on the Vans Airforce Forum of all places. A nice guy who lives in Indiana and whose Daughter, Son-in-law and new Grandson live in Auckland. 

This was the last trip I made before dismantling the aircraft and shipping it to the USA.

We had a nice flight down the coast to Raglan where he shouted me lunch. I was a bit embarrased since I left my wallet in Parakai. (I know .. you're thinking "yeah right" but its true ! honest!)

We also had a cool sighting of a USAF C-17 near us at Manukau heads.

A fun day.


28 March 2012