What a Birthday Present !

In February of 2006 I took the Falco to the New Zealand Sport Aircraft Association fly-in for the weekend.

Here's me having just arrived. It was a hot day so my $2 hat came in very handy. I was parked just by the entrance gate in pole position !

On the last day was the airshow. It was a great day but by the time it was over I had had too much sun and was well and truley over it. I had booked myself a room at the local posh hotel as a kind of present to myself but as I sat in the closing traffic jam and watched as a lot of my friends flew out for home I wished I wasn't going to the SAA dinner and was myself going home.

Well just as well I stayed. That night I received the Air New Zealand trophy for the Grand Champion homebuilt aircraft. I was delighted.


I'm not sure I deserve it but I'm happy just the same. What a blast !

I guess I should have twigged to something when I took this photo.

Tom Poberezny (EAA President)

John Jones (CAA Director)

Bill Sisley (SAA President)

posing in front of my plane for a photo.