Misc bits

Well I guess there has to be somewhere to put all the "Other stuff".


Its getting to my attention that I'm well on the way toward breaking a record for the slowest Falco builder.. Not quite what I had in mind when I started all this but what can I say ??


Here are the seats I made. Starting with Klegecell and finishing with glass.
These were more work than I expected but worth the effort and lots of fun. Also a change from all that wood !!

This is my version of the "garbage bracket". I don't have the large hole at the top for the Vac filter since I'm not installing Vacuum.

The big moving day !! This actually was a piece of cake !! a bloody big truck with a HIAB with a 6m reach.. rested the whole thing on some foam block I had cut earlier to go under the spar and the bottom center fuselage longeron.
The foam was great.. it stopped any movement, was easy to make and was cheap !!     20th Nov 2001

Almost looks like the real thing !!!
Then reality sets in and I realise I have still got a very long way to go !!
.... parked in the EXACT same spot as I-ERNA used to be !! This is Giovanni Nustrini (Left) and myself celebrating the arrival of the Falco to the hangar.
21st Nov 2001

OK.. Now things are starting to warm up !! Along with this, I have registered the aircraft and starting to spend nights on getting the paperwork in order !!
22 Jul 2003

Just prior to the first flight. I still need to paint it and finish off a few parts.
10 Dec 2003