My Hangar

I'm in the process of building a new hangar. It will be located at Parakai to the North of Auckland and should be a lot closer for me rather than where it is at the moment. Parakai is a small strip made from crushed lime.

Here are a few photo's of the process.


Hangar at Parakai
At the start

The ground layout. Mine is the highlighted box. 10 February 2007

I signed the contract with the builders on 5th December '06.



Waiting for building consent
Waiting for building consent

The base course is laid and now I wait for council approval. 10 February 2007. True it the local council has strict guidelines as to how long these things are allowed to take within their system. It seems to me more is going on than I am being told.


WOW !!!
WOW !!!

Well, Council approved the building in Late February so after only 2 weeks it now looks like this !! (There are a couple of holes there actually. 17 March 2007 --- We don't want to break any records of course.





After only two more weeks (It did rain for 2 days) it now looks like this ! Wow that is about 5 pegs per day.. this guy better slow down or he will hurt himself. 1st April 2007

Unfortunately I don't think it is uncommon for building companies in NZ to over-commit themselves. I don't think many of these companies get much repeat business.

Holy Cow.. I managed to be there the same time someone else was.. Actually the last 10 days had actually produced something with the footing being poured and the edge of the boxing going in. 10 April 2007

While not a lot had happened in the previous fortnight there had been quite a bit of movement in the last few days at least with the floor getting close to being poured. The builder had the obligatory complaint about having a lot of work on... sounds like my fault !........... 24th April 2007

Things are now starting to progress. The builder was there and starting on the frame work. The price has already started to move with the news that some extra things needed to be included to save me money on concrete... hmmm... so in order to pay less... I pay more... WHAT A DEAL !!... 9th May 2007

Things are starting to look a little more advanced. With the framework up it becomes clearer what is happening here. I was told things would move faster now... although the builders were nowhere to be seen.... I don't think I will hold my breath just yet. 15th May 2007

On the 18th of May I was told that the framework was "All Up" and that the the hangar would be "Closed in" the next week. I was told the door was booked for the 4th of June. (I would later realise that this is a public holiday down here) .This was fairly exciting news but time had warped before so I didn't get too excited.


More Lies
More Lies

This was the view on the 24th May. The builder had a lovely time talking to a friend of his for the hour that I was there. Clearly all the framework still isn't up let alone the cladding. I wrote an email to the owner of building company franchise and he said that everything was "Right on Track"!!

On the 6th June it looked pretty much just like this again so I won't bother with a picture.


Nice Door
Nice Door

Well the back wall went on at least.. see the nice door that was DEFINITELY being delivered last week.. and probably installed (a week ago !) I think it must be one of those invisible kind.. 9th Jun 2007

He told me something about having over 5000 screws.. like I'm supposed to be impressed or something.. SO WHAT..

Despite all this.. I am looking forward to having my own hangar.


The door is now on.. the assembly was a bit rough but other than that.. I'm happy with it..

Its manually operated at the moment but very simple to operate. 16 Jun 2007


Earlier this week the roof went on. The weather then rapidly packed up and badly at that. So I'm not expecting much more until the storm passes. Standing inside I can now start to get an idea of the size. 23 July 2007

Here it is almost finished.. in fact it has just survived a major storm. The hangar next door (To the right.. not left) had its doors blown in. I doubt it will happen with my doors.. they are very sturdy. The groundwork for the apron is ready for concrete.

Finally the construction is complete. It took far longer than it should have. The end result seems quite good despite having a 80mm gap under the personnel access door. I'm pleased it survived a few storms to prove its strength where others were blown away (Local competing sheds.. farm buildings etc) . The price was more than it should have been. That wouldn't bother me so much if it had been communicated before doing it rather than just saying.. "oh.. the floor is going to cost more because we did it this way". Anyhow.. its all finished so lets start enjoying it. 28 Jul 2007

Hangar floor all painted.. what a bloody terrible job. I ground it first.. dust everywhere.. the end result is great though.. its a lot brighter inside and oil spills etc are now no problem. Just need to get rid of some dust and finish the wiring. I need a couple of tenants too although I'm fussy about who.

5th September 2007

15 months after beginning.. or more importantly, just short of 7 months after paying for the hangar the guy finally turns up to fix my P.A. Door.. not before kicking up a stink mind you. I was told I had unacceptable behavior for putting this on the blog. So I guess people are supposed to pay money and put up with whatever they get.. just so long as they pay on time of course.

Oh.. and I'm not even sure its fixed but at least he showed up. I removed reference to the builder.. I'm not interested in giving anyone a bad name.. that's not what this blog is about .. its just a log of what I've been doing..but if that's the way he wants to treat his customers then that's his problem. 26th Feb 2008.