People Falcoing

I should have realised sooner but I really enjoy taking people for a fly in my aeroplane. I had been placing their picture on my flying page but these people and how they respond to a fly in the Falco is very important to me so now I've moved their picture to here. I hope to have a lot of photo's over time representing a lot of different people enjoying Stelio Frati's magnificent aircraft.

Giovanni Nustrini and I (pre-paint)
Giovanni Nustrini and I (pre-paint)

Giovanni obviously wanted a go so here we are getting ready. If you listen carefully you can hear Giovanni thinking "Now where did he put the keyswitch?"


17th Jun 2004

Vicki and I
Vicki and I

This is Vicki and me having fun in the sun.. on the way back from Whakatane.

12th July 2004


Jean (sis)
Jean (sis)

My sister Jean and brother-in-law John came for a brief stay so I took them for a ride. It was a bit of a rush due to some advancing weather but a lot of fun. I don't know if it was me or them that got a bigger kick out of it.


Jean reakons she got short changed with John getting a slightly longer ride... I should hear the end of it in a few years.. but then again.. maybe not !! 21st May 2005

John all saddled up getting ready to go.

Kevin bringing us home from a fun day trip to Kerikeri. He's trying not to smile too much here since its not an RV! Kevin loves landing in the rain so he arranged it for both ends.
Thanks for the free wash Kevin!

28th August 2005

This is Sean having his first fly of a Falco with the same typical smile ! We did the Tauranga lunch return bit just before he had to go in to the 737 simulator..
I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it.

27th October 2005

Christmas 2005 we went to Whakatane to catch up with family - always fun. Here I am taking Michael for a spin to go an see if Neil really was at the golf course ! Good fun !
26th December 2005

Here's Darryn (Who?)... er.. Derwood (Oh !) having his turn at the stick.. hopefully a pleasant change from his left seat of an Air NZ 737. Nice hat !
27th Jan 2006

Here is Troy having a go on our way back from coffee at Raglan via the coastal route.
I think he liked it but I'm sure he had his Glasair on his mind the whole time. Can't help bad taste I suppose. 6th April 2006

What a poser !
What a poser !

Having just returned from a very pleasant day at Raglan, Crazy Bruce had a go on the way back. Apart from being completely unable to make up his mind what hand to fly with.......... I think he enjoyed it... Bloody Airbus drivers. 18th May 2006

Clearly Geoff didn't enjoy it. Had a great trip down to New Plymouth. It's Geoff's old stomping ground and he had a lot of fun showing me all sorts of places that I wouldn't have otherwise seen. Geoff was very proud of "Rowe Road" in the middle of nowhere. I didn't have the heart to tell him about "George Richards Way" in Manchester !
He enjoyed it so much he said he'd be moping around for a week 'coz he wants one! (He's not allowed to fly the 737 that low) 28th June 2006

It was a long time coming but Grant finally got his go and spent a bit of time upside down to boot. Grant's biggest chellenge in life - Apart from his razor that is! Tongue out- is remembering that the 737 is not the Pitts and it should stay shiny side up. 24 April 2007


Benno had a fly today .. I thought it only fair since he taught me how to fly the A320.

We went for a fly to Parakai to see the progress on my hangar.

I could say all sorts of things about tennish with goozes but I won't

It was a fun day out 9th May 2007


I finally got Mike in the Falco.. He is responsible for one of the ribs in the tail.. you know.. Mike's Rib.. yeah.. the one I'm having all the trouble with Wink .. We had fun even though it was a short flight.

I still don't know what "I feel more level when I'm climbing" means Surprised. Actually he did well for the first go.. It was a long time coming.. now we need a longer flight. 30th May 2007


This is Rob.. he's trying (At times I think in vein) to teach me to fly the thing in the background !

He had a go in the Falco.. I think he liked it but wasn't to impressed with its hover performance.

13 September 2007


Grant taking his "aerobatic freak" daughter Olivia (His words not mine) for a flip or two. 

Tim having a go in the Falco. I think the approach technique was a bit different to a 767 !

30th May 2008.


I hadn't taken many people for a ride lately so since it was such a lovely day I though I'd better. Michelle and I had talked about taking Simon for a ride way back in winter so this was the perfect opportunity.  Here is Simon all belted in and ready to go.

7th Dec 2008